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LOCKOUT meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
an action taken by an employer to stop workers from going into their place of work until they agree to particular conditions given by the employer. Definition of lockout from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press. lockout Business English.
Lockout 2012 FilmTotaal.
In eerste instantie lijkt Lockout daarop een positieve uitzondering te zijn: eindelijk een origineel verhaal. Maar schijn bedriegt. Het vermoeden is sterk dat Lockout een complete rip-off is van Escape from New York, John Carpenters cultklassieker uit de jaren tachtig.
Lockout-Tagout Interactive Training Program: Hot Topics Group Lockout/Tagout Group Lockout/Tagout Procedures.
The authorized employee in charge of the group lockout or tagout must not remove the group lockout or tagout device until each employee in the group has removed his/her personal device, indicating that he/she is no longer exposed to the hazards from the servicing operation.
Lockout à Antibes, l'escape' game dans la région de Nice.
Ce sera juste vous et vos coéquipiers contre le temps. À quel public s'adresse' Lockout Game? Lockout à Antibes est une activité de loisir qui sadresse avant tout à un public familial ados/adultes, amis, entreprises, etc. Les énigmes sont faites de logique, manipulation, déduction, adresse, etc.
Lockout 2012 - IMDb.
In October 2015, John Carpenter won a plagiarism case against Luc Besson over Lockout proving clear similarities to Escape from New York 1981 and Escape from L.A. A French court ruled that enough similar distinctive elements from both Carpenter's' films were borrowed to merit a sanction.
Lockout: The Self-imposed, Computer-aided Work Enforcer.
The real secret is that Lockout will first run a script that you write to put up a different firewall configuration, to remove yourself from etc/sudoers, or anything else that you believe will impose labor onyourself. After that, Lockout will change your root password for a specified amount of time to something random so that you can'tsecretly' undo all those productive settings and be a lazy slacker again.
LockOut Sprocket tool - BBB Cycling.
The LockOut is the second half when using the TurnTable or the T-RexGrip. Take your sprocket off or put it back on your bike with the LockOut. Easy to use and with all the grip you need. The LockOut makes sure your sprocket is locked into place.
Union head on another NHL lockout: 'We' will see'' CBC Sports.
NHL Union head on another NHL lockout: 'We' will see'.' NHLPA head Donald Fehr makes it clear his membership isn't' prepared to be pushed around a third consecutive time with labour clouds and the possibility of another lockout already starting to form on the horizon.
Federal workers are fed up with Trumps lockout print. print. reply. reply.
Many federal workers, whether or not they themselves are working paycheck to paycheck, also are deeply concerned about the impact of a continued lockout on the public they serve. Greg, a furloughed researcher at the Food and Drug Administration FDA, told the January 9 rally crowd, I want to do my job because my job is to represent all of you.
Continuity Lock-Out - TV Tropes.
The rise of digital services starting in the 2010s has done wonders to reduce the impact of Continuity Lockout - but it hasn't' gone away completely, in part because the digital age also makes it much easier to accidentally catch a stray Spoiler and more or less forces you to binge-watch.
NHL lockout timeline: Let's' remember the whole nightmare - clock. menu. more-arrow. no. yes. Horizontal - White. Horizontal - White. Horizontal - White. Search. Horizontal - White. Vox Media. Horizontal - Colbalt.
5: Ten days before the expiration of the CBA, the NHLPA distributed a document explaining to players their rights - including the pros and cons of going overseas during the lockout and how injured players could still receive paychecks despite the work stoppage.
Lockout definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
Word forms: lockouts regional note: in BRIT, use lock-out. A lockout is a situation in which employers close a place of work and prevent workers from entering it until the workers accept the employer's' new proposals on pay or conditions of work.

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